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What we build

Open source, flexible.

Proven technology, intelligently designed to deliver results.

We build solutions to deliver your customers the right information at the right time in the right way.

We use globally adopted software, languages, and packages to accelerate development and make it sustainable.

Our core work is driven by programming in open source PHP-based frameworks and content management systems. We currently have clients using WordPress, Typo3, and Drupal, with our largest team supporting Drupal. For web applications, we use two main frameworks, Symfony, which is the basis of Drupal, and Laravel; our favored application for complex data management within a website. Typically our clients have the main CMS plus one or more web applications for certain user journeys.

In addition to using open source technologies, we also support our clients’ web hosting requirements. We have selected Amazon Web Services (AWS) as our preferred hosting provider since this cloud-based approach delivers website performance, scalability and security, with our engineers having 24/7 access to the clients’ site management tools.

Using AWS also means that we are able to utilise content management tools for the best performance - from using Content Delivery Networks to reduce the delivery time of content to users to using in-built email platforms to send new information ‘on demand’ to customers who want delivery of content directly to their inboxes. As a result, we are often asked to create other bespoke content delivery mechanisms (APIs) that push data and content into marketing software, CRM packages such as Salesforce, online payment systems such as WorldPay or Stripe, and data warehouses/ERP systems. Using open source software makes these builds relatively streamlined and deliverable for clients.


Delivering Real World Results

Come see the impact when practical strategy, design, and development meet.

Our tools

To deliver our work, we use the right products and software at the right time.

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Our work

We engineer, we don’t just build.
We aren’t selling a tech solution - we are here to solve business problems.

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Our clients

We work for a wide range of clients - from medium size corporations to large businesses to SMEs; and across the public and third sectors.

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