Net Efficiency's core work is in developing web based applications and websites on open source frameworks. We believe that the open source community creates the best possible option for clients to be able to take advantage of a huge development pool, to accelerate growth but to also to prevent clients from being ‘locked in’. It also means we aren’t selling a tech solution - we are here to solve business problems.

Net Efficiency approach

We believe that the best performing websites are those that

  • Are built in simple components;
  • Offer the user a clear and obvious path to goal completion; and
  • Deliver the right information at the right time

Out of the box, user driven, open to change

We generally recommend the use of the “LEMP” stack

  • Linux operating system
  • (E)Nginx web server
  • MySQL database and
  • PHP processing

That said, there are four core technologies that we use time and again.

  • For large publishing houses, we generally work in Drupal.
  • For bespoke or enterprise solutions we use TYPO3.
  • Web applications and content systems that don’t even need a management system - using PHP Frameworks such as Laravel and Symfony can be a faster, simpler and creative way to achieve many client goals.
  • And for e-commerce clients we focus on Magento.

We’re not going to expound the virtues of each or their market competitors ; you probably wouldn’t be reading this without knowing something about the best web technologies on the market. But if you are baffled about expressions like headless CMS or ‘you should use React’ or simply want someone to explain what the LAMP (or LEMP) stack actually is, we’d be happy to explain.

Our technology choices are driven by clients who are interested in the best solution in the long run - many of our clients stay with us for years because we are able to help them maintain their core business delivery as a result of technological change; and not get forced into periodic rebuilds.

We look to create web platforms, websites and applications that

  • Iterative platform enhancement to get the best ROI
  • Help drive internal efficiencies
  • Allow for new products
  • Increase client engagement/satisfaction/completion
  • Reducing your time to service
  • Are built in open source to be open
  • Not over-engineered and that have components for flexibility and ‘future proofing’

Web hosting

We also support clients’ needs for hosting - building and maintaining cloud environments with Amazon Web Services. AWS offers clients a great way to have a fully managed service at relatively low cost - but that can be expanded (or contracted) to cope with needs as they evolve.

This means using Amazon Web Services to build a platform that is

  • Secure (via AWS)
  • Fast (deliver data in real time)
  • Scaleable (grow with the number of users)
AWS Cloud