Net Efficiency is a technology leader and provides some of the most advanced services in web development and deployment of internet solutions. Our company has worked with a number of web server solutions so when we say that XAMPP is one of the best server packages available.


XAMPP has been developed by Apache Friends and was released for the first time in 2002. It is mostly composed of Apache HTTP server, PHP and Perl interpreters, MariaDB database and these are the four components which make the letters AMPP in its name whereas X stands for cross-platform. The basic purpose of creating this package was to provide developers with a lightweight Apache distribution for the deployment and testing of local web servers. The great thing about XAMPP is that it equally supports all major environments such as Windows, Mac and Linux. The procedure to shift a local test server to a live server is an extremely easy and simple one as well.


We have found that the strength of XAMPP as a package lies in the strength of its individual components. Apache is the most popular web server in use the world over. The reason why XAMPP uses Apache is because of its highly versatile nature. Apache can easily support more than 10,000 parallel connections. It has a very high tolerance for fault and there are options for failover with automatic recovery. It supports OpenSSL for secure communications and it is future proof as there is support for IPv6.  These, along with many other features, make Apache a great server choice at our company.

Maria DB

At Net Efficiency, we use a large number of databases but MariaDB, a relational database management, is a popular one. In fact, many of us at Net Efficiency, prefer it over MySQL as the development of MariaDB is often faster than MySQL and updates are released promptly. MariaDB introduced support for geographical information systems (GIS) quite a long time ago. It has a highly advanced query optimizer and improvements related to performance. A lot of functionality, is often added to databases by the use of plugins at later stages but a large number of great features come built directly into MariaDB.


We use PHP as a general-purpose programming language as it is very common for use on the internet because of the ease with which it can be integrated into the HTML code. The latest version has updated the engine, which powers PHP, from Zend 2 to Zend 3 which has significantly reduced dependencies and improved performance by a significant margin. It has also introduced new great features which give a better consistency of any function/method interface. These improvements make PHP a very strong language which, in turns, makes XAMPP a very powerful package.


PERL is actually a family of many general-purpose high-level languages which includes PERL 5 and PERL 6. Perl is actually what made CGI commonplace on the internet. Because of its versatility, it can be used to achieve a wide range of goals whether it is to create applications for the web or perform data analysis on huge data sets.

These highly diverse and extremely powerful individual components make XAMPP an extremely diverse and powerful web server solution package which is why it is recommended by Net Efficiency.