Why your eCommerce customers empty their basket and how proper website development can help

In a physical shop, a forgotten wallet or purse is the most common reason why a shopping basket is emptied at the check out without items being bought. While this is embarrassing for the customer and annoying for the shopkeeper, at least this is a legitimate reason for leaving the items behind.

Examining why this happens in an eCommerce store is more difficult, however. Items are automatically saved to the basket, and customers can choose to pay in a number of different ways while having their basket waiting for them while they find their card. As such, understanding why customers choose to empty their online shopping baskets can be a challenge. Therefore, our experts at Net Efficiency have put together a brief guide on why customers empty their eCommerce shopping baskets, and what you can do about it through website development.

1. Customers are presented with unexpected costs

Whether these are postage and packaging fees that were not discussed upfront, or additional taxes placed on the item, products which are initially presented as a bargain can quickly turn into an expensive purchase. While these additional costs may be unavoidable, it is important to display these costs upfront in order to reduce the surprise element. Customers will be more responsive if they understand the costs upfront, so ensure that your website design takes this into consideration.

2. The checkout process is too complicated or time-consuming

While checkout may be an excellent time to get a customer to create an account – something which will benefit them if they are to become a repeat client – it can be very frustrating for one-off customers to create a mandatory account. In these cases, many will choose to leave their items than fill in all the forms and fields necessary, as well as giving away details they would rather keep private. As such, it is essential that your eCommerce website includes a ‘checkout as guest’ option which removes the need to create any accounts; it shouldn’t be too difficult for expert website developers to include this feature on your website.

3. Loading times are too long

If a physical store has a long queue, and waiting times seem to be disproportionate to the customer’s desire for the item itself, they are likely to put the item back and leave the shop. This is just as true with an online store – if the website has long loading times, customers are likely to leave their baskets and not return. Slow website running times may be due to a number of factors, so it is well worth discussing your website design and website development with experts so that they can isolate the problems and help you speed up the entire process for your customers.

At Net Efficiency, we pride ourselves on helping eCommerce stores with website design and web development services. We offer a number of solutions which can help increase the productivity and efficiency of your website, so contact us today to find out how we can assist you.