Why you should add a one-step checkout feature to your eCommerce store

Fast checkout

A surprisingly large number of online shoppers abandon their purchase during the checkout. There is lots of scope to improve on this fact, and it starts with the work you do to optimise your eCommerce website/app. You need to create a seamless process for the modern, fast-paced digital market. A long, tiresome checkout process is very likely to put many customers off, and that means you miss out on sales. A great solution to boost conversion rates and achieve more sales is to offer a one-step checkout option.

One-step vs multi-step

In years gone by, when online shopping was less common, the majority of customers knew nothing different from the multi-page checkout process. But today, with so many online stores and such advanced technology, e-stores and social networks are used to sell all manner of things. The market has become highly competitive, and eCommerce site owners are battling to provide the most convenient experience possible. One-step checkouts have come out of this battle.

Even so, many eCommerce websites continue to use a multi-step process and are failing to boost their leads. The customer sees numerous pages remaining after completing step one, and this is very discouraging. The modern consumer demands swift processes, and if the checkout takes too long they are likely to abandon it. One-step checkout is an effective lead generation strategy, enabling the entire checkout to be completed on a single page. Satisfied customers mean more sales and potentially increased loyalty.

Advantages of one-step checkout

1. It’s faster!

When you visit a physical store and have gathered your products into a shopping trolley, you search for the shortest checkout queue – waiting is frustrating. Similarly, online customers don’t like to be slowed down during the payment process. If it isn’t streamlined, they are more likely to leave without making a purchase. You don’t want this to happen.

With one-step checkout software, you can reduce the customer checkout time and increase the likelihood that they will proceed with the purchase.

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2. It’s user-friendly

With a smaller number of input fields, the one-step checkout is clear and easy to work with. It also helps reduce confusion as online buyers can see all the information they will be required to enter at once. Ensuring your website navigation is free from confusion is another important factor to be competitive – keep it simple for your customers and they will enjoy using your site.

3. Page performance is enhanced

Customers don’t want to load one page after another – it’s frustrating, boring and unnecessary. A single, simple page is preferable – simply fill in the details and you’re ready to go.

4. Customer satisfaction is increased

Customer satisfaction is vital to making sales and customer retention. The user experience that comes with one-step checkout is perfect, and this is a core component of increasing conversion rates. It is easy to have a one-step checkout process added to your store. And it is simple to manage, as well as being simpler for the customer to use.

At Net Efficiency, we specialise in helping clients get the most out of their eCommerce websites. We use Magento, the most powerful engine for success in the competitive world of selling online, and we can help incorporate an efficient, streamlined one-step checkout to your Magento-powered website. Get in touch today and we’ll get the ball rolling.