Why is it important to have a digital presence in the jewellery industry?


There is no doubt that we have seen a digital revolution in all areas of society in recent times. From social media to music streaming and blogging, online ways of spending your time are very popular with people around the world. This is also true in business where companies now must have a
strong digital presence to succeed. This is certainly true for any modern jewellery business which cannot simply rely on local walk-in custom to survive or only on more traditional ways of advertising what they offer.
But why is being active online so important in the jewellery sector?

It’s how people shop and search now

Figures from Statista show that 1.8 billion people purchased goods online globally in 2018 and spent over $2 trillion doing so! In a nutshell, this sums up perfectly why having a digital presence is so important. E-commerce is a huge market and you cannot afford to miss out on the potential sales or
leads being online can deliver. As this way of shopping is only going to grow in the future, it is the major way most people will prefer to buy goods from you. If you do not have a website for them to browse or buy from, you will be left behind. This is the same situation in terms of people finding your jewellery business in the first place. A strong digital presence will see you show up on search engine results and social media feeds and let more people know about your brand.


Builds trust

It is often said that people need to trust you before they buy from you. This is certainly true in the luxury jewellery sector where consumers can spend considerable amounts on even one transaction.
Having a visible digital presence helps to build this trust and show people that you are a reputable company. As you begin to get positive online reviews for people to see, they will feel much more comfortable shopping with you. By contrast, most consumers will not do business with a company
that has no online presence as they see this as a warning sign.

Helps to build brand image and expand into new areas

Digital tools like a well-designed website are superb for both presenting your brand in a positive way and also helping you to grow as a business. Being present online opens up the whole world to you and means you can sell your jewellery overseas or in different parts of your own country. This is not always easily done without making use of e-commerce and digital marketing methods. In terms of brand authority, having the right digital presence will mean you can show more people who you are, what makes you unique and why they should shop with you. If you build up the right feel about your brand online, it can help you create a reputation for luxury with consumers.


Building up a digital presence is essential

As the above shows, there are a number of reasons why being active online is a must in the jewellery sector. When you also add in the way it allows you to keep up with your competitors, quickly get news out about promotions and be seen as a business at the forefront of modern tech, it makes even more sense.

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