What are PHP Developers?

While it may be a common term thrown about throughout the eCommerce or software development world, not too many people are familiar with the actual job description and responsibilities of PHP developers. PHP is a programming language, known and used for scripting, PHP is used for developing programmes, websites and applications, often in a web development and business applications context.

The actual role and responsibilities of a PHP developer can vary between the specific projects they are working on. Often, they will be classified either as software engineers or web development technicians depending upon the task at hand. PHP remains one of the most ubiquitous programming languages, and therefore it can be used in both website development and management, along with business applications, making it a favourite choice for self employed freelancers and contacted developers alike.


PHP is well known as being one of the top programming languages for SMEs and start up businesses, due to its functionality, ease of change and its speed with which programmes and software can be developed. This allows the fundamental aspects of applications and websites to be developed extremely quickly, both reducing their overall cost for smaller businesses, as well as allowing their concepts to be created quickly, rolled out and entered into the market place, allowing them to start bringing in revenue, which is especially important for eCommerce websites which rely upon their applications and website presence for sales.

However, one significant disadvantage of PHP is its security. Due to the relative simplicity of PHP, combined with its ease of use, it does allow itself to be vulnerable to security threats and is more easily infiltrated by malicious actors.

What is PHP used for?

Acting as a go-to language for website functions, PHP can be used for many different aspects of website and application functionalities, resulting in its use for both classical interfaces and behind the scenes programming. However, PHP’s most common use is within SQL for databases and the internal website processes such as username and password recognition, as well as displaying thumbnail and photo galleries.

As such, the role of a PHP developer can be equally as varied as the use of the programming language itself. Not only can a PHP developer be responsible for app or website administration, they can also be responsible for general software testing, user training and prototype development and concept designs which can then be translated into other programming languages.

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