Top 3 mobile app design trends for 2018

According to statistics around 87% of mobile users spend their time on apps rather than a web browser. It’s also estimated that a massive 260 billion apps will be downloaded by 2018. This is a massive number and highlights the absolute importance of having an awesome mobile app design that works for your business.

It’s, therefore, no surprise that an increasing number of small businesses have mobile apps or are considering mobile apps. Your business needs an app to promote its services and products on mobile devices. Effective mobile app design is essential due to the fact that most of your potential customers are likely to use apps to browse and purchase services or products.

However, simply designing an app isn’t going to just deliver results. Your app needs to be designed with user-friendly features to ensure it provides results. With the changing requirements of customers and businesses, designers often come out with many new solutions in the form of mobile apps. This is with the emphasis to make the apps user-friendly. Let’s consider some of the new ways to boost and create a user-friendly and successful mobile app, meaning you’re ahead of the game!

1. Designing for larger screens

The new generation of oversized tablets, smartphones, and phablets (a combination of both) means bigger screens as people want to be able to watch more visual content on their devices. But this trend comes with its own challenges. Some changes need to be made in navigation and UI/UX. Also, only less than 1/4 of the screen area is in the comfortable range of reach of a user’s thumb.

2. Simplified user interface

App designers have the inclination towards creating a simplified approach to user interface. In all aspects of design, simple means effective and when the interface is clear and simple it leads to better functionality. The features of simplified UI include:
– Functionality and clarity of the UI
– Taking advantage of digital screens
– Elements of minimalism taken in UI design
– Blank screen space

Ensure that you keep your user interface simple to allow for user-friendly mobile app design.

3. More navigational options

Creative and easy navigational buttons are the new app trend that’s hot in the world of app design in 2018. Clear navigation through apps is vital for a successful app design.

Below are some of the notable features of this design trend:
– Additional navigational options such as modular, vertical, and horizontal, parallax scrolling and hidden navigation
– Parallax scrolling for intuitive navigation
– Navigational buttons that appear on the screen for some time and disappear when there have been no actions for a period of time.
– Infinite scrolling for mobile applications that have vast amounts of content and of data
– Modular scrolling to scroll across rows of information

If you’re interested in effective mobile app design, then get in touch with Net Efficiency today to see how we can help boost your business with a functional and slick mobile app design.