These are the 3 cornerstones of good website design

We live in a technological age where every business that wants to succeed needs to have a professional and functional web presence. Website design can follow many paths, but there are things all websites must have if they want to facilitate successful business growth.

Those three things are:


Many web developers get carried away with artistry and aesthetics, forgetting that ultimately a website is a tool and nothing more. It’s a way for customers to learn about your business, to browse your products, and for you to satisfy their orders. If your website is going to help your business grow, it must be able to do all of these things effectively.

Flashy animations, bold colour schemes, artistic and elegant fonts, widgets and plug-ins – these things are icing on the cake. But icing alone can’t make a bad cake into a good one. That is to say that the fundamental elements of your website must be sound if you’re going to be successful.

Intuitive menus, clear copy, accurate product descriptions, and a quick, secure checkout option. Any good website must display these things, at a minimum. You can build a beautiful website on top of a functional one, but you can’t hide a website that’s poorly built.


Ten years ago it was comparatively rare that websites were built with mobile users in mind. Five years ago it was becoming more of an option. Now, it’s a necessity. If your website is not built to be accessed by visitors from mobile devices you’re going to miss out on a large portion of potential customers.

Many people do much of their online browsing and shopping through a mobile device, be it a smartphone or a tablet, so you need to cater to them. As technology improves and mobile devices continue to get more powerful, the number of customers looking to access websites from them is only going to increase. Businesses now need to account for this and design their websites from the ground up to be mobile-accessible.

There is another benefit, in as much as it forces a cleaner and less cluttered approach to website design. It’s a necessity that web pages remain responsive when accessed by mobile devices, so that means your website will be less likely to become bloated with unnecessary content.


Every business has to believe in their own ability to achieve a successful and consistent level of growth, otherwise there’s little point in even trying. Your website needs to reflect this by being designed with a degree of scalability in mind.

What does scalability mean? Quite simply – as your traffic increases and the number of sales you’re being tasked with processing grows, your website needs to be able to keep up. It’ll do your brand perception no good if your website becomes unresponsive and starts crashing mid-checkout every time you experience a surge in traffic.

To make sure your website displays these three core elements of successful website design, consult with the experts at Net Efficiency today.