The key features of every successful eCommerce store

While web design offers you a portal into unlimited varieties of colour schemes, choices, logos, and browsing experience, it’s fair to say that every successful eCommerce store exhibits a consistent set of key features. A good web agency will help you understand the foundations of what you need, before you start making design choices.

Look at the eCommerce store you most want to emulate, or imagine your ideal eCommerce store, it’s almost certain that it will have these key features.


When you get down to brass tacks, behind the fancy logos, animations, and colour schemes a website is at its heart a tool. It’s a tool for you to deliver your content, products, and services to interested customers, and the first thing anyone expects of a tool is that it should work.

The same applies to your website, if your customers can’t intuitively navigate their way around the products they’re interested in, see the relevant details that will help them decide if the product is right for their needs, and then check out in a timely manner they’re going to go somewhere else.

There is no more valuable resource than the time of your website visitors, and if you’re wasting it behind a poorly designed website then you’re not only going to miss out on those sales, but you’re sending a very undesirable message about the quality of your brand.


The days are long gone where you could design a website to be accessible from desktops and that would be all you need to do. In a world where people can access the entirety of the internet from the palm of their hand, your website needs to be up to speed.

That means it should be optimised to be accessible from as many devices as possible, not only desktops and laptops but tablets and smartphones too. Technology has moved on from the point where this is just an option, if you want your eCommerce store to thrive it has become a necessity.

It all boils down to time, if your website is not optimised for mobile access then customers will have to waste more of it waiting for it to load on their device, at which point it may not load correctly and display as a jumbled mess. There’s no quicker way to encourage them towards your competition.


As more people every year make a larger majority of their purchases online, focus is continually shifting from criminals to the digital domain. That means your website needs to be as secure as possible to inspire your customers’ peace of mind.

The obvious security point is to do with your checkout process, can your customers complete their purchases in a safe manner? Unless you’re absolutely sure the answer is yes then there’s still work to do, your brand image will be destroyed if customers details are compromised.

So too it’s essential your website remains up and running. In the event you’re hacked and your website goes down, it could be highly costly.