The best CMS for your business in 2018

The choice of content management system remains largely a four-horse race as we look to 2018. The most popular services, and therefore those that have the strongest focus on security, features and customer satisfaction remain Drupal, WordPress, Joomla or Magento for users with a retail requirement.

Even so, as businesses focus on new features like chatbots, augmented reality and improved security to meet the growing threats. Or, to be compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulation rules, administrators and users will expect new features to keep them current or ahead of their competitors.

The big four dominate the competitive landscape and have evolved to fill the common requirements of most businesses, while they can be customised to support those with specialist requirements, such as a marketing focus through a wide range of plugins. The option for open source can help reduce cost, and they dwarf the hundreds of other CMS rivals when it comes to installed base, market share and reliability. However, depending on the needs of your business, they are not the only choices.

The right CMS for your business

Starting at the lowest requirements, for a company that only needs a weekly blog post, perhaps to highlight a new product or event, then Google’s Blogger remains a perfectly acceptable alternative. With no technical skills required, no installation to manage, and a delightful range of templates and modest customisation features, it can be used to make a visually pleasing and readable blog for whatever your company needs to discuss.

For a company looking to build a website or store, then WordPress or Magento are rightly considered the go-to applications, providing enough customisation and flexibility for a growing company to create its ideal online presence, retail store, news page and more. However, a system like Drupal, recently updated to version 8, can focus on turning your big data into valuable insights for the business, with a strong focus on customer journey and experience.

Most of these products support the latest features like chatbots, which make great customer service features, through simple plugins, and if you don’t have a chatbot, they are simple enough to build through use-anywhere-platforms like Plone has a strong focus on protection with substantially fewer vulnerabilities than its rivals, while still offering an enterprise-friendly, flexible and scalable CMS.

Whatever your CMS needs now, in 2018 or into the next decade, we’re an expert in building and maintaining your solution, so get in touch to see how our web developers can help.