The benefits of A/B content testing

These days, how something appears and is written online can have a huge impact on sales, for both items and services. Testing your content is the perfect way to make sure that what you are doing hits the mark. However, how do you analyse the results? Or how do you ensure that the comparisons you are making are definitely comparable? Fortunately, there is an easy way.

A/B testing allows you to simultaneously run two versions of a landing page, ad text, form or any other element that can be found on a website, app or in an email marketing campaign. This form of content testing is ripe with benefits as it enables you to draw conclusions based on changes in conversion rate, bounce rate or even the time spent on your site based on the different content that is being shown.

Easy to analyse

When running other types of content testing, it can be quite difficult to analyse the data afterwards to draw meaningful conclusions. If you test one layout one week and then another the second, for example, you run the risk of your data being affected by other factors. With A/B testing, you can run both layouts or features simultaneously. As half of your audience would view one option and the other half would see the second, you can rule out factors that are out of your control from affecting your dataset, allowing you to determine a “winner” and a “loser” much easier.

Still useful with minimum data

Whilst in data analysis more data is usually better, it isn’t necessarily the same story with A/B content testing. With a well thought out A/B test, you don’t always need thousands of page views in order to draw meaningful conclusions. Even if your site is fairly new or only produces a few conversions a day (or even only a few conversions a week or month), you can still use an A/B test to determine which version your visitors are engaging with more. Statistics like the time spent on a page and bounce rate can be really helpful in determining which version your viewers respond better to.

Reducing the risks

Making major changes to your eCommerce site can be incredibly costly whilst still posing a potential risk. When you just immediately make a change, you can run the risk of this negatively affecting your viewers and your conversions taking a hit. With A/B testing, you could run the proposed change for a period of time against the existing setup to analyse how visitors are behaving with the change before you commit. In this sense, A/B testing helps you to avoid unnecessary risks and increase return on investment in the long run.

It works for many types of content

It can be tricky to pinpoint exactly which aspect of your website or email campaign makes your visitors click through to convert. This is where the true beauty of A/B testing lies; you can run the test on just about any element on your website, advert or email marketing campaign. In addition to the areas most associated with A/B testing – such as copy and images – you could also run an A/B test on fonts, logos or even colours! Just about any digital element can be A/B tested to help improve performance and find the optimum combination for your visitors.

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