Technical Prowess of WordPress


WordPress is one of the world’s most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) and Net Efficiency has extensive experience on this platform. The development of WordPress is based on PHP and MySQL. WordPress is available in two variants, it is available either as a part of Internet Hosting Service which is the service provided by or it can be installed as a package on a computer which can then act as its own server.


Security features

Our company recommends WordPress because of the large number of security features which are incorporated in it. WordPress manages session and authentication details on the server-side which includes the authentication cookies. The password itself is stored using strong modern cryptographic techniques which ensure that even if a breach takes place, the passwords will be unable to the intruder. There is also an option to make HTTPS compulsory for the website of a blog on WordPress.

WordPress is an open source platform so it is very easy to build upon it. Another great security feature which makes it a favorite at our company is its versatility, WordPress has mechanisms to ensure that unauthorized code cannot be injected. To prevent this injection of unauthorized data, there are many functions and APIs which can be used to protect, authenticate and sanitize the data which is being put in. Apart from these APIs, there are options which allow the administrators to limit the types of files which can be uploaded.

Another reason why we often recommend WordPress to our clients is the strength of WordPress against exploitation especially on websites where exchange of money takes place. Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF) refers to a type of exploitation of a website where unauthorized commands are delivered to a website from a user (user’s browser to be precise) which the website trusts because of the cookies stored in his browser. To counter these CSRF attempts of exploitation, WordPress uses nonces, which are cryptographic tokens (or keys for the purpose of understanding), to corroborate the intent of the user. WordPress generates a unique nonce or key for every specific action by every individual user for a limited time and all of these keys are rendered useless when the user logs out from the session.

User Management

The User Management offered in WordPress is highly evolved. There are clear demarcations set for the different level of access to the website. Subscribers don’t need the same level of access to the website’s management platform as the writer’s or the administrators of the website need.

WordPress has made it a point of having compliance with all the industry standards so whatever code is produced using WordPress, all of it is in compliance with the W3C standards. This is important because it ensures that the website will perfectly work on all browsers on all kinds of devices.

Our company has deployed solutions in WordPress for quite some time and we’ve found the extensibility of WordPress to be unmatched by any other platform. For every feature on WordPress, there is a full directory and each of these directories contains thousands of plugins which enhance the functionality of the website. When our clients have special needs which cannot be met by existing solutions then we simply develop new APIs for them, this flexibility is the real strength of WordPress.