Net Efficiency is a company which specializes in the field of web development. Staying at the forefront of technology requires a proficiency in all the tools available in the market. Node.js is one such tool. It is a runtime environment which is available on many different platforms for the development of web applications at the server side. The purpose of the development of this was to improve scalability and throughput in web applications with support for real-time communications needed in applications such as online games which are played in the browser. At Net Efficiency, we take great pride in delivering some of the best work in Node.js.

Our experience has shown that the best thing about Node.js is the ease of deployment on nearly all kinds of infrastructures whether they’re UNIX based or Windows based, Node.js caters to all of them. It is accepted by nearly the entire programming world as it is easy to understand for both camps, Java and .Net, which gives it a distinctive advantage.

Node Package Manager

Node.js allows the addition of extra functionality and features by the simple addition of packages. These packages are added by the Node Package Manager (NPM). There are many popular packages or nodes available which can be downloaded from the NPM repository and this includes highly popular packages like Jade which is one of the most popular templating engines. A package by the name of forever is also very popular as it ensures that any given node script runs endlessly.

Our company works at the bleeding edge of technology and we play with the latest technologies on a daily basis and we’ve found Node.js to be extremely fast as compared to its contemporaries. It uses V8 engine which has developed by Google for deployment in their popular browser, Chrome. The thing with V8 is that it compiles JavaScript into native machine code which makes its execution extremely fast. This is not the only thing which makes it so fast, another component which makes the execution of Node.js extremely fast is the event loop. This new approach is far less resource intensive as the earlier asynchronous deployments usually required a lot of memory. These improvements in speed make the handling of a large number of parallel connections a breeze that too with a high throughput.

Web sockets

Node.js uses web socket protocol which is basically just communication channels which allow communication between the client and the server and this communication is two-way. The availability of this protocol in Node.js fulfills the requirements of multi-user environments such as real-time web applications which include things like games and chat etc. These run over TCP instead of HTTP which has a much larger overhead making it a more robust environment.

Node.js allows developers to code JavaScript on both server and client ends which allow the easy synchronization of data whenever any updates are made on either side and this usually happens in real-time. This is great for web-based apps as the website which is displaying some data and this data get updated on the server side, the website will automatically update itself. This component makes it especially useful for websites where data can change very swiftly such as sports or stock market websites. If you feel that Node.js is what your company needs then our company can deliver everything which can be done in Node.js.