Neat SEO tips to get the most out of Magento in 2019

SEO Magento

When it comes to running an e-commerce store online, Magento has long been the go-to choice for businesses. While there are other web design solutions you could use, this platform is still favoured by many organisations. When you dig a little deeper into Magento itself it is easy to see why. From being suitable for all sizes of online store to being mobile friendly and simple to use, it offers a real one-stop solution for running an e-commerce site.

You may already be using Magento within your e-commerce business but looking at ways to get more out of it. This is particularly true when it comes to the digital marketing aspect of your set-up. If you are in charge of digital marketing for your company then you know how key SEO is to your overall strategy. Magento is actually pretty cool for SEO and the below tips certainly help it deliver in that regard.

Fix duplicate content issues

One of the bane of any e-commerce site for SEO purposes is duplicate content. Search engines really don’t like this as you will be aware and thus it is key to address this within Magento. Luckily, it is pretty simple! Go to your store’s configuration page and then the Catalog page. Scroll down to where it says Search Engine Optimisation and change the settings for Use Canonical Link Meta Tag for Categories to Yes. Do the same for the option underneath for the Products link too. This will help to eliminate any duplicate content problems you may have and help your SEO.


Optimise your images

This is still one of the best SEO tips for online stores to follow. It really does help in getting your site ranked higher. Make sure that you have completed alt tags for each image as they are needed to tell the search engines what the image is. In Magento 2, this can be done be double clicking the relevant thumbnail in the Configurable Products page and heading to the Images tab in the Details page. There is then a field ready to type your alt tag into.

The need for speed

You will know how key fast loading pages are on your site for SEO so take the time to make sure yours is set up for maximum speed. There are actually a few ways you can achieve this. Firstly, enable the caching features and click to flush the Magento cache too. It is also worth heading to the Configurations page and merging your JavaScript and CSS files in the Developer tab. This will also help greatly with increasing the speed that your site operates at for SEO purposes.

Check your robots text file

Those little robots that the search engines send out won’t be able to check your site out if this is not done. This will harm your SEO majorly as they won’t think you have a site worth ranking. Head to the General section of your store’s dashboard and make sure the custom instruction for robots text file in the Design tab is set to allow them access.

Let the experts help

If you need expert help with developing a Magento based website or getting the most out of it, then give us a call. Our expert team are always on hand to help design and implement an e-commerce store for you that uses this powerful application to astound. As one of the premier web developers in London, we are the people to contact.

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