Making the MOST of Black Friday

Make the most of Black Friday


Having a successful Black Friday can really kick start an e-commerce businesses Christmas campaign but in a very crowded space, good preparation is key to success. Here are our top tips to make sure your Black Friday goes according to plan;

  • Organise and promote your promotions BEFORE the date, let your users know what is coming
  • Utilise ALL Channels – Highlight promotions across website, social media, email and other channels
  • Use dedicated landing pages – create an area of your website specifically for Black Friday promotion
  • Where possible make your Black Friday relevant to your business
  • Extend Black Friday over the weekend into Cyber Monday! – make the most of the sales season by running a series of promotions
  • HASHTAGS, make sure you use them to find customers who do not already engage with your brand – #blackfriday #blackfridaysale #blackfridaydeals

Clarity and Usability

While everyone loves a sale, they can also be very confusing if not undertaken correctly. Overly complex promotions, small print and misleading offers are all reasons why sales shoppers abandon their carts.

  • Make sure it is VERY clear how any discount is shown, both within the site but most importantly within the checkout process. If it is not possible to show the discount within your cart, or until a code is added, this must be made crystal clear to your user
  • Group up similar offers into categories, making it easy for your users to find relevant deals
  • Basic discount codes – different codes for offline and online to measure performance
  • Track all your deals individually – so you can find out what works for the future

Types of Promotion

Modern e-commerce systems have a wide variety of options for discounts and promotions. One of the most comprehensives of these is Magento 2.


Here are some of the best examples of promotions you can use;

Flash Sales

Flash sales have grown rapidly in popularity in recent years. They involve a series of ongoing limited time offers running throughout the offer period. The great thing about flash sales is they get people watching the site and it gives a good platform for ongoing multi channel marketing such as social posts and offer update emails (for those that want to receive them)

Cross-sells and Up-sells

Combining offers across multiple products such as product bundles, or increasing discounts with additional purchases, are both great ways to increase customer spend

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Abandonment Follow Up

Cart abandonment can be the bane of any website, Black Friday gives you the opportunity to really incentivise your follow up process for anyone who drops out during checkout.

Countdown Timer

Countdown timers have also increased in popularity, as they encourage users to make a decision, to make an impulse purchase

Look after current customers

Reward loyalty with promotions that go out solely to current customers via email, social etc. Make it clear that these offers are not available to everyone, make them feel special

Encourage sign up for further promotions

Sales events can be a great time to increase your user / contact list, encourage visitors to the website to sign up for offers information via email and social. Let them know the best way to get a deal it so follow your media