Magento 2.1 new features

Magento 2.1 has arrived and we are excited to tell you about a whole range of features and benefits which ecommerce operators can use to their advantage – with the ultimate beneficiary being the customer.

If you are unsure of if you should make the switch to Magento 2.1, we are here to let you know about the important new features which could convince you to get set up on the platform, with the possibility of getting the edge over your competitors who may be slower off the mark! This blog looks at the features of Magento 2.1 and its benefits.

Enhance and advance

Magento 2.1 will feature a whole new range of customisablity, with the options of Solr search and custom landing pages. It will up efficiency by offering multiple store setups which are easily administrated, offer the advantage of multiple servers for increased performance, and afford the added flexibility which comes with simple return management authorisation alongside customer-assisted shopping. Advanced marketing tools and a large product catalogue can improve sustainability, then there is the new adaptability which allows for a quicker upgrade.

Improvements across the board

So what of the details? How do these features promise to strengthen Magento’s market-leading position in ecommerce? For one thing, the mobile shopping experience will be enhanced thanks to a new minimum response time, while the time it takes to check out has been slashed, putting another big tick in the box for UX.

Even at the start of the customer journey, Magento 2.1 can take ecommerce to the next level, with one click account creation and registered customer auto recognition which has the ability to up conversion rates by cutting down on abandoned carts. There is also an admin experience which is more intuitive, making life easier for merchants.

Product information management will take some steps forward on Magento 2.1, with drag and drop tools making for easy customisation of product pages. In the back end, page time load will be reduced thanks to a new wave of improvisation. Key subsystems like Product Management, Order Management and Checkout will be given separate master databases to improve scalability. The quick customisation of Magento 2.1 is down to the improved modular and open source development, while better architecture using modern technical stack also offers more options where tailoring is concerned.

Magento 2.1 users can look forward to updated APIs for tax calculation and promotion, which can be integrated with third-party solutions, as well as a framework which allows seasonal campaigns to be supported, along with market expansions and new product lines. Simplified product upgrades can speed up the time to market, while improved product catalogue display is enabled by faster indexing. You should also know about the full page caching which supports multiple users logging in to the platform without negatively impacting page servers. Magento also offers Rabbit MQ integration, allowing the seamless management of queues for the messaging system.

So there are some of the new Magento 2.1 features, packed into one blog! Does that make the case for you to switch?