Let’s predict 2018 web design trends

Is the super competitive digital era, companies can sink or swim according to the strength of their website. Our online home can make all the difference to expanding and retaining customer bases, and this is none the more pertinent than when it comes to retailers which operate on the internet.

The way websites are designed, and the website characteristics which are known to be effective, are changing all the time – so let’s take a look at some trends which could come to the fore this year:


Including videos on your page is all well and good in terms of engagement, but they do have the downside of potentially slowing down the user experience and creating unwanted distractions. But how to keep your page looking more lively than is possible with only static text? The answer could be integrated animations, which do a great job of giving your pages the feeling of being ‘living organisms’ without causing a slowdown. Integrated animations are essentially moving pictures which can even work while a page is loading, or be set up to spring into action when a mouse is hovered over them.

‘Super size’ typography

With all the new features available to developers, you might think that text would be taking a back seat – but you’d be wrong. This year, we could see typography take centre stage in many cases, underlining the enduring power of words. That means instead of pages packed with text which you need to squint in order to read, we could see impactful quotes and marketing messages highlighted on web pages, in big, bold fonts.

Mobile design 2.0

We have come a long way since mobile versions of sites were merely an apologetic ‘second version’ of a web home which was available from a PC. These days, a mobile version can be a completely separate entity, and for many organisations is their main priority in terms of what they wish to focus on. It is now possible to have a neat, tidy and super responsive mobile site which fulfills your marketing or e-commerce needs, without needing to play around with the same clunky images which your main site was based around. Mobile site development has come a long way, and in 2018 this will be in evidence.


We live in an internet world in which it is all too easy to pluck a JPEG from an image bank and use it for a web page. But while that can be convenient, it leaves websites with the problem of looking very similar, thanks to a reliance on the same old stock photos. Illustrations can be the answer, and in 2018 we could see websites sprinkling a liberal portion or originality with use of drawings which have been custom produced by artists for the purposes of websites.

So that is our look into the crystal ball, to see some of the design trends we could encounter in 2018. Remember that exhibiting personality can be key to a website which stands out from the crowd.