Five ways to make sure you sell on your eCommerce store

Your eCommerce website has one job to do and that is to sell your products to your visitors. While many eCommerce store owners concentrate on getting more visitors to their site, very few look at conversion rates and how they can be improved.

Yet, by improving conversion rates, you can generate more revenue from the same traffic levels. So here are some of the best ways to improve your eCommerce store’s conversion rates and boost your website’s sales.

1. Shorter checkout processes

One key reason why people abandon carts is that the checkout process takes too long. The longer the process takes to complete an order, the higher the chance that something will interrupt them or they’ll get bored and cancel.

A checkout process should not be any more than two or three pages and if possible should be one.

2. Reviews

Over 80% of customers trust the opinions of their peers whether they know them or not. Reviews are a great way for you to build trust with potential customers. Reviews can be collected for products if they’re niche products or unavailable in most areas, or you could collect reviews for your business if what you sell is sold by many other eCommerce stores.

Reviews should be displayed on your own website, but you can collect them on various other platforms. This helps to boost your marketing on other channels while at the same time improving your conversion rates.

3. Better product images

When you start your eCommerce store it is easy to use images issued by suppliers or even take a quick snap in your office/lounge/shop area. The trouble is that a picture can sell your product much more if you have your pictures taken professionally. In fact, 93% of consumers consider images important to the buying process.

This doesn’t mean spend thousands on a professional photographer. But take your time when getting product images. Start by investing in a tripod so you can have product photo-consistency. You should also consider mixing product-only images with in-context images (where the product is being demonstrated).

4. A fast website

Your eCommerce store performance is heavily influenced by the speed of the site. A single second delay to download your site can result in a 7% loss of revenue. That means it takes only four seconds for you to lose 25% of your potential revenue. Your website speed is also important for your site’s ranking.

There are many ways you can speed up your website. You should speak to web developers to see what they recommend to speed up your website.

5. Abandoned cart systems

Between 60 and 80% of all carts are abandoned on the average eCommerce site. There are many reasons why this happens but there are ways to convert some of these lost sales. First off, you can implement an exit intent pop-up that displays if they’re leaving the cart, with a special deal.

Another option is to send abandon cart emails to your potential customers. On average it can take about three emails to convince a customer to return and purchase from you. These should be sent about one hour, one day and three days after the cart was abandoned. With a good series, 15% of those who abandon a cart will return to complete the purchase.