Common web design mistakes that businesses make

Every business needs to have a unique and compelling website in order to attract new clients and customers. With the majority of people’s first impressions of a company based on an online website, it is essential that your website stands out, while getting your branding across to customers and having actionable messages. However, it’s all too common for businesses to neglect their website design, instead focusing their attention on other aspects such as content. The design of a website is the first thing new clients see, and as such, getting the design wrong is not an option. Here are a few of the most common web design mistakes our experts see on a daily basis.

Your homepage is too busy

While companies want to get their messages across to customers as quickly as possible, having a homepage that is stuffed full of content, text and images will turn them away. Not only will they struggle to easily understand the core message of the business, but busy designs also take longer to load, meaning there is a chance customers will get frustrated and move to a competitor’s site.

Forgetting a call to action

A call to action is the gateway to your business. It turns potential clients into paying customers, spreads your messages and helps to promote your brand. As such, it is vital that your website is designed around a call to action, which is obvious to all users. The call to action should clearly tell visitors what to do, and what they will get from taking this action.

Misplacing contact information

Getting clients to contact your business is a great way of offering them more information about your products and services, and allows you to convert these conversations into sales. Therefore, it’s essential to design your website with easily accessible contact information. Instead of hiding your details at the bottom of the page, our experts would suggest creating a separate page for contact information, allowing customers to find your details quickly.

Not asking for assistance

Both web design and website development can be difficult for companies, especially when trying to develop a platform that is correctly branded, and optimises your products and services for grabbing the customer’s attention. As such, one of the best ways to improve your website design is by getting a professional to take a look at it and offer some suggestions. Not only does having an outsider’s opinion (who is an expert!) really help, but companies who offer suggestions are usually likely to be able to action these, meaning your new website design will be up and running in no time at all.

At Net Efficiency, we pride ourselves on facilitating easy working relationships between clients and their customers. By having a dedicated team of expert and experienced designers, developers, project managers and marketing experts, we can provide you with a fully integrated service for all aspects of your website design needs, as well as offering further support for website development, web application systems and mobile apps. For more information, please contact us today.