Benefits of Using CSS 3


Cascading Style Sheets have taken a huge step forward from their older versions to the latest CSS3 which despite being quite advanced is compatible with the previous versions. It has not only improved the way a design project looks and improves SEO but here are several other benefits of CSS3, that you undoubtedly need to know about:

  1.    Completely Compatible with Previous Versions

Being a designer, you get really get confused when a new version is installed; firstly, you feel happy because your work will be improved with more advanced modules but you also feel stressed because it can mean you have to give up the work you did with earlier versions. However, this is not the case with CSS3 as it is completely compatible with older versions but you might have to tolerate speed issues when converting the older ones into the new language.

  1.    Easier to Use

CSS3 is very easy to use and simple as compared to CSS2 because it consists of its own set of small modules which make it independent. These modules include useful tools like selectors, Box Model, Colors, Backgrounds and Borders,  User Interface as well as Text Effects.  In addition to these, it also has modules that allow 2D/3D Transformations.

  1.    Change Friendly

One of the best parts about using CSS3 is that as it is broken into smaller modules so it is more convenient to change. You can divide the parts of the design you want to change without affecting the greater parts that do not need to be changed. Thus, it is not only easier to use but also easier to edit.

  1.    View Friendly

Furthermore, this version is compatible with all kinds of platforms so you can easily view it on any device whether it is a PC or your smartphone. Thus, this feature makes it easier to use as well as accessible and responsive which is helpful in improving SEO.

  1.    Speedy Procedure

As CSS3 is not dependent on JavaScript so it is speedier than its previous versions. Secondly, as it is compatible with all kinds of browsers so that also helps make the development of this language faster than before. Finally, the property of having independent modules is also very helpful in saving a lot of time and effort during the development as well as the implementation of the text. Thus, all these factors combined make CSS3 one of the fastest texts so far.

  1.    Attractive Backgrounds

CSS3 comprises of a number of attractive backgrounds which are both attractive as well as traffic friendly. You can also resize and edit the backgrounds to fit your project well.

  1.    Easier Testing

Unlike the earlier versions which used to require a great time for detecting bugs and viruses, CSS3 can be broken down into smaller modules which can be tested individually which is both easier and speedier. Thus, it saves a lot of time as well as hassle which results in lower turn out time and maximum customer satisfaction.


Thus, CSS3 is definitely the best version of Cascading Style Sheets so far which makes the work of designing more convenient and faster.