Are you offering the best mobile support?

Retailers simply need to look outside to see how important mobile support for ecommerce really is. People look up from their phones only to eat, drink and cross the road, and even then they are reluctant to do so. Despite the obvious need to embrace mobile platforms, an astounding 40% of the top global retailers still do not have a dedicated mobile site. For many, adapting to a new online setup can seem like one change too many, but mobile apps are the future and the best way to embrace technology to maximise your trade. Here we explore why you should offer the best possible mobile support for your customers.

Mobile accounts for the majority of traffic

Mobile and tablet devices are now used more frequently than laptops and desktop computers to access the internet. When you also take into account that people spend 8 hours a day on a computer at work, this is an astonishing fact. Mobile devices and tablets are used for ecommerce all of the time, so your business simply has to embrace this. While making your desktop site mobile friendly will help, it will be nowhere near as effective as bespoke web applications will be.

Allow users to shop from anywhere

Mobile users make use of their time in different ways with new technology. People shop as they commute, wait in queues and walk down the street. If you are not able to offer a service that enables users to do this then they will look elsewhere and may pay more simply because that is the easiest purchase they can make. The ease of mobile apps and bespoke mobile websites gives companies who have them an increased market share because of this.

Create a direct route to customers

Another amazing benefit of a mobile app is that it allows you to communicate with your customers in a more direct manner. With an app you can communicate directly to their phone with offers or reminders to stock up on products, meaning that you can inspire sales in a new manner. With a mobile device you develop a new route to customers that can be very financially rewarding.

Easy management

For many, the main turn off of developing bespoke web applications is the hassle of production and the ongoing maintenance, but this does not need to be a problem. Professional web services can help you to get set up with a mobile app and can also help you to manage it to ensure that it works and operates smoothly at all times. Mobile app development does not need to be a burden and the increased ecommerce you experience will pay for the development in no time.

If you cannot answer the question ‘Are you offering the best mobile support?’ with a resounding ‘yes’, then you should seriously consider bespoke web application development. With a better mobile device integration, your ecommerce site will perform better and trade will increase. Everyone uses mobile devices to shop, so it is simply good business to make it easy for them to shop on mobile devices with you.