6 ways to increase conversions on your site

As is often the case with any business, getting potential customers through the door and making them aware of your product is the hardest part. When you have a website, it is equally hard getting a potential customer on your site and viewing your product or service. For this reason, you need to be able to make the most of that traffic, and prepare your site in such a way that it converts. If you feel like your site could do with some tweaks, here are six straightforward ways to boost conversions.

1. Utilise testimonials

The difference between shopping online and in store is an inability to physically hold and trial a product before using it. This makes it hard to get a good understanding of the quality and value of something. Testimonials are the most effective way of demonstrating whether or not something is actually worth buying, so encourage reviews and incorporate testimonials into your sales pages.

2. Think “above the fold”

Though you need to have compelling copy that builds up your value proposition, the truth is that many people choose not to scroll, and only look at content above the fold. So be sure to include either the buy now button or the appropriate “opt-in” form above the fold to maximise potential results.

3. Create scarcity

You need to build a reason as to why someone should purchase there and then, rather than waiting. For physical products, you can list the stock count and make them aware if and when stock is running low. For service-based products, you could consider limiting the number of clients per period and make people aware of this limit (only if applicable to your service of course).

4. Limit input fields

Often, the conversion you wish to make on a site is for someone to request more information or to sign up to a newsletter. Make it a more tantalising prospect to do so by limiting the number of fields they need to fill out in their sign up form. People rarely like handing over more than one form of communication, so try and stick to email.

5. Think quality

Regardless of if you sell a physical product or a service, think about the quality of communication you are transferring to readers. If text is grammatically poor and images are low resolution, people will trust you less and be much less excited about purchasing.

6. Make it personal

The old age of “people buy from people” is as alive as ever in our digital world, so don’t be afraid to get the personality of your brand across. You can do this by including headshots of you and your team and introducing yourselves, where relevant. Also, think about your tone of copy across the site. Keep it consistent and upbeat.

It may well be the case that you are stuck for ideas or don’t have the technical skills to implement the necessary changes as listed above. Well, this is where we come in. At Net Efficiency, our passion is producing beautiful website design that knows how to convert paying customers. So, to discuss some of the ideas as listed above, or to create a bespoke strategy to optimise your site, get in contact with us today.