6 reasons why Magento is the best eCommerce solution for your business

In the world of eCommerce web development, there are a number of different solutions you can use to build your site. However, Magento has remained an industry favourite year-on-year for a number of core reasons. If you are just starting out researching the different solutions available, then you’ve no doubts heard Magento cropping up time and time again. So, if you’re considering your next eCommerce build, then here are 6 reasons why you should consider using Magento.

1. Mobile responsiveness

Nowadays, more searches are performed on Google by mobile than via desktop, making mobile responsiveness a core focus of any good website build. More and more people are deciding to purchase through their mobiles, so it’s vital that your eCommerce site is up to scratch with this growing trend. Magento is fully versatile and can be configured seamlessly across all devices in order to offer a flawless customer experience.

2. Powerful for all store sizes

Magento is capable of supporting small and large online stores alike. It has the capacity for up to 500,000 products on any one store, and to process up to 80,000 orders an hour. It is fully scalable meaning that it can support sharp increases in sales and can be depended on as your business grows.

3. Plenty of third-party integrations

Running a successful online store means being able to create a focused and well-rounded digital marketing strategy. Magento stores can be fully integrated with a whole host of popular third-party installations. This includes MailChimp, eBay, Quickbooks and PayPal, to name just a few.

4. Cool eCommerce features

Any great eCommerce store includes features such as “similar products” and “related accessories” to help boost sales. Magento supports all such features allowing you to maximise sales potential at all stages of the customer journey, from product pages right through to the checkout.

5. A phenomenal community

There are estimated to be around 1 million Magento developers in the world, and more than a quarter of a million sites are supported by Magento. That means there is a massive developer community who share tips and tricks, allowing them to all perform much better jobs. If there are any added features you’d like your store to include, this community can certainly help to get the job done.

6. Straightforward content management systems (CMS)

The CMS is what shop owners use to input new products and to update basic elements on the site. With Magento, this interface is very user-friendly and products can quickly and easily be added by anyone, including those without any coding experience.

Of course, the most vital part of any website build is hiring an expert team of designers who understand the versatility and power that Magento has to offer. Here at Net Efficiency, our expert team of web developers has years of industry experience spent building bespoke Magento eCommerce solutions for businesses in a number of different niches. To find out more about the service we can offer your business, request a free quote today.