3 top tips for developing your digital marketing strategy

The term “digital marketing” has been a common topic of conversation in marketing circles for years now, and it’s now synonymous with marketing in general. Keeping up with today’s digital marketing hurdles can be challenging. With all the information marketers are expected to process and evaluate before moving any campaigns forward, it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture every now and then. Here are some top tips to help develop your digital marketing strategy to help improve your web services.

1. Improve customer acquisition

Before your customers even land on your product or website, you are going to need to find creative ways to actually tell them who you are and what it is you’re doing as a business. This is where acquisition comes into play, and it is a crucial step for marketers who are hoping to gain traffic to their blogs, websites or e-commerce stores. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are all brilliant at bringing an entirely new audience to your website. It’s crucial for your company to identify what your specific acquisition goals as you begin to develop the acquisition portion of your digital marketing campaign.

2. Focus on conversion, not just leads

One of the key aspects of a developing an effective digital marketing strategy is data. Data, along with metrics, should influence every action and decision a marketer makes. This means digging through all the relevant data to understand where your potential customers are spending their time, such as which social media platforms they visit, and finding ways to target them with specific content. Whilst B2C marketing teams have traditionally taken the approach of trying to appeal to all and hoping for the best, thanks to major advances in data, it’s now possible to dig a little deeper and impact your conversion rates on an even deeper and personal level. If you target specific audience segments and certain demographics with specific types of product recommendations, incentives or content, marketers are able to grasp a larger hold on the ability to influence the customer’s decision to make a final purchase.

3. Analyse your past and learn from it

The past is a great thing: it gives us perspective and the ability to learn from mistakes and develop new strategies. Nothing is a failure, it’s an opportunity to create success. Analysing your digital marketing strategy’s past failures and successes can help you focus on creating the best KPIs for your business. You should choose a time period and use Google Analytics to measure your strategy, as well as using Googles Benchmarking reports to compare your progress to your competitors. You should also analyse your competitors’ marketing strategy too, as this will give you a better understanding of what’s working, allowing you to significantly develop your digital marketing strategy.

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