2018 potential digital marketing trends

Emerging technologies are constantly impacting the digital marketing landscape and remaining competitive means constantly adapting your business methodology to new marketing trends and opportunities. Constantly managing to acquire new marketing leads for minimal outlay means focusing on new trends, and emerging marketing technologies for 2018 are discussed below.

AI and chatbots for customer conversions

Artificial intelligence (AI) is likely to be a game changer for customer conversions throughout 2018. AI will be used to interpret customer behaviour and make predictions about future purchase requirements. It’s also likely that marketing departments will be using AI algorithms more frequently to analyse the performance of paid advertising campaigns and deliver a more personalised marketing experience for customers. Large scale automated A/B testing will enable AI to make suggestions based on customer interest and preference. Algorithms will continually update to ensure greater personalisation in future marketing thrusts.

It’s also possible that chatbot marketing strategies will become critical through 2018. Chatbot customer support has been popular for a while now and developments in AI make the technology more feasible for a variety of business purposes.

Voice search queries on the rise

Over the next couple of years voice search queries are likely to overtake text based queries. Featuring content that’s optimised for voice search is likely to be an important factor for marketing professionals.

Partnering with social media influencers

Partnering with social media influencers is likely to become a cost-effective means of reaching more potential customers and will become more popular with marketing professionals. Advertising on Facebook or partnering with some of Instagram’s top influencers are budget-focused marketing trends that can produce significant results. It will be important to source influencers that seem to fit well with any brand, however, consumers can quickly identify influencer/brand collaborations that don’t ring true.

Increased privacy protection

Ensuring a consistent marketing message relative to privacy protection is likely to enhance credibility and build customer trust due to frequent breaches of data privacy in recent years. It’s important to stress the security of any checkout process and ensure customers are aware of any site security measures.

Live video feeds for improved customer engagement

Adding live video feeds to websites can increase consumer engagement and is becoming increasingly popular with larger companies, as many consumers see live video as far preferable to reading blog posts. You will need to ensure video is relevant and offers valuable information about your brand or service. Video content can take a number of forms, including live streaming and 360-degree videos.

Becoming GDPR compliant

May 2018 sees the launch of General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in Europe and any business that collects consumer information needs to be prepared for this. You’ll need consent for any information collected from consumers that will be retained on company databases, so becoming GDPR-compliant is a major task for marketing departments and business users to handle.

Acting quickly on emerging marketing technologies is important for any business. Net Efficiency is a global digital agency and we keep up with all the popular and emerging trends in the marketing field. Contact us to discuss ways we can help your business achieve its full potential in 2018 and beyond.