Case Study

HPCi Media

HPCi Media is a global business built on information, including six separate publications and a range of events. Net Efficiency supports the entire process - from invoicing to banner ad tracking. In 2019, we were asked by HPCi Media to modernise the whole process. Our approach, in what is a five year plan, has been to have a planned move from a bespoke software set up to one built on Symfony, a PHP framework.

Our work to date has already delivered a much simpler system, faster business data, better information for advertisers and a client that is delighted by the change.

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Frost & Sullivan

A new form of dynamic content has helped create a real step change for Frost & Sullivan, the global information provider.

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Building a new online data sales platform for the UK automotive industry, giving the customer what they want.

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Royal Marsden

A multi-site, multi language, complex mix of business, editorial and brand requirements, we run a Drupal set up on Amazon Web Services.

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