How we design

Design for all, inclusive, modern.

Through the employment of solid UX and UI principles, we deliver elegant, easily navigable sites that fulfill the needs of audiences and stakeholders. But we also design our architecture and engineer our software to the same principles.

Beauty isn’t skin deep.

The aesthetic for the platform, website, or application will be vibrant and engaging, whilst remaining true to any brand guidelines. Strong consideration will be given to accessibility as well as finding the balance between the use of imagery and the need for quicker page load times for users in low bandwidth areas. We will work with the steering group to balance out the need for graphics with the desire to operate in low bandwidth regions.

Websites are built using a responsive grid system so that content remains clear, intuitive, and legible on screen sizes ranging from mobile to desktop. The site will be tested on a range of devices in a variety of modern browsers to ensure aesthetics and functionality remain consistent in all scenarios.

We re also conscious that any content team enjoys using the site so we ve developed our own templates to make any content management as easy as possible. The editing process for the site will be as simple as possible and will not require any prior knowledge of HTML or any other coding language.

We measure our design success by ensuring that applications will achieve a minimum AA level of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1). Attention will be paid to colour usage and contrast, font legibility, and sizing and screen reader compatibility in order to ensure that the site is as inclusive as possible.

And we make it work in practice, with testing covering more than 2000 different browser/operating system combinations (including Apple iOS and Mac OS, Android and Windows), testing on real devices (not emulators), and also provides for secure testing whilst behind a firewall and whilst the site is still under development.

Delivering Real World Results

Come see the impact when practical strategy, design, and development meet.

What we build

Open source, flexible.
Proven technology, intelligently designed to deliver results.

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Our work

We engineer, we don’t just build.
We aren’t selling a tech solution - we are here to solve business problems.

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Our clients

We work for a wide range of clients - from medium size corporations to large businesses to SMEs; and across the public and third sectors.

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Want grounded ideas that actually get built?