Case Study

A little data magic goes a long way

“Two years in, we can see how this new form of dynamic content has helped create a real step change for Frost & Sullivan. The tool offers a one-of-a-kind digital product in key customer markets and resonates with our values as a future-ready business.”

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The Client

Frost & Sullivan is a growth strategy consulting and research company helping corporations, cities, governments, and investors identify and execute new business opportunities. Frost & Sullivan (F&S) has an impressive set of data and documentation, but with that comes complexity.

To help F&S simplify the data, we developed a proof-of-concept project – better data visualisation would lead to improved client satisfaction.

We worked initially focused on the automotive market with its high-value data for high-value global clients.

The Challenge

Our challenge was to find the best way for Frost & Sullivan to digitise the quantitative data that helps them deliver a wealth of white papers, reports, and presentations to their clients. They wanted an agile and dynamic method of accessing this valuable and timely data.

We needed to quickly get the right information in front of the right people

Responsive design

The solution

There were two main issues – the cost of licencing Tableau (a leading data visual software tool) and that the software is so powerful users need training to use it.

So we took an ‘end user’ perspective and created a portal that surfaces the Tableau data and visualisations in a simple web based interface with F&S able to easily manage the content.

Our tools

Creating a Portal on an AWS cloud hosting platform enabled us to create a low-cost but scaleable base for F&S.

This then enabled us to create the dashboard pulling data from the existing Tableau platform, meaning no extra licence costs and no requirement to store that data anywhere else. We used PHP to create the dashboard meaning that as F&S roll out the service more broadly, they are using the software we developed but under their control.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs to individuals, companies, and governments, on a metered pay-as-you-go basis.


Jenkins is a tool that is used for automation, and it is an open-source server that allows all the developers to build, test and deploy software.


Node package manager (npm) is one of the largest software registries in the world. It comes bundled with node.js, an open-source server environment.

The outcome

In Frost & Sullivan's words ...

"Designed as a comprehensive, interactive global data intelligence and analysis platform, the Mobility Innovation Generator allows stakeholders to unlock new markets, customer segments and revenue streams".

We're proud to have developed the platform. It has become much more than a proof of concept.

Delivering real world results

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