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Autoglass®’s website is an online booking system for vehicle glass repair and replacement giving you total support, convenience and peace of mind in the event of an accident, whatever piece of glass is damaged on your vehicle.

The Challenge

We were asked by Autoglass® to produce a web based booking solution. They wanted a solution that would maintain a clean user journey and deliver results. We began to map out customers journeys: in order to book an appointment, users need to accurately assess the damage, know the glass required for the replacement and link this to insurance details. This is of course combined with other parallel tasks such as stock checking and live appointment slots which needed to seamlessly integrate to provide customers with a seamless and intuitive end to end experience.

Our Approach

The first step of the solution was to split the flow into manageable parts and implement a progress tracker to let users know they're making headway. After that, we used a number of different web services to automatically pull in as much information as possible, such as vehicle and insurer information from the registration number, thereby reducing the number of questions for users. Each section was then analysed to provide the simplest and most effective UX with multiple choice questions and imagery where necessary. We also created a customer portal where users can have full visibility over their bookings in a secure environment, with options such as making payments, changing their appointment slot and contacting support.

Due to the vast number of visitors from several devices we needed to create an optimised version of the booking funnel and the portal for mobile. We opted for an app-like experience with all the benefits of the mobile web; quick and easy tools to deploy changes, cross-platform accessibility and no app store dependencies.

The number of possible flows through the whole booking process is vast; there are over 70 different routes depending on factors such as the vehicle, type of damage, the user's choice on making a claim, which insurer they use and much more. For this reason automated testing became a key component in the development. We have created a behaviour driven suite which allows us to test all of these routes in different browsers for both desktop and mobile to ensure the customer sees the correct information, no matter what device they're using.

Search Engine Friendly

In the initial stages of development, we selected lists of keywords according to what users were likely to search in order for the new website to be crawled faster by search engines. Technical elements in the source code such as HTTP headers, URLs, crawler access, IP detection and ranking factors such as the site speed were also reviewed right from the start.


The project has been very successful for Autoglass®: we delivered a true end-to-end centralised booking application with online payments tools and a responsive web design for mobile. As a result of a far greater operational efficiency, the solution provides considerable costs benefits. It also dramatically improved the online experience for customers: Autoglass® has seen record numbers of online conversions since go live.

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