Proud to be a bit different

As the only employee-owned web development business in the UK, we're a diverse customer-orientated bunch of techies. We have a curiosity for new ideas, keeping us, and our clients, ready for tomorrow's challenges.

Beyond that, we are passionate about the ‘pun’ on our name. Everything we do is about being efficient.

We have worked our magic for over two decades. We’re London-based and steadfastly independent.


We are owners

Not just employees, we're the owners

That means we are interested in the long term. If we want to invest in the future, we can and we do. It also means that our largest investment is in ourselves. The better we are doing our job, the better outcomes our clients get. And happier customers.

We seek personal, client, and business growth.


Thinking like Engineers

Built to last, perform and change

We have a range of expertise as developers, designers, consultants, and project managers but what blends us is using engineering principles to the design, development, maintenance, testing, and evaluation of your service. We automate, test, and refine but we never forget the customer.

We are human.

Magnifying glass

Focused on the Details

Precision, accuracy, patterns

Details matter to us. But we’ll help you get to the ones that really make a difference. If you can spot the Oxford comma on this page, we’ll happily buy you a coffee. You are our ideal customer.

Precision counts.

Earth orbit

Striving for Sustainability

Future-proofed, open-source, green

Building products that are solidly engineered delivers you a long-term sustainable solution. Everything from the system architecture right through to delivering only the right information at the right time makes your website good for the planet too.

We are grounded.

Light bulb

Always Cooperative

Singular skills, a common aim, we work in teams

Your team and our team blend together to deliver great results. And we work with your suppliers too - knowing when we make a difference. Great teamwork comes from regular sharing, team updates, and being social. It’s another facet of employee ownership.

We care.

Door open

We are open

Transparent, honest, and trusting

Above all, we are open to new ideas, challenges, and concepts. We open our minds to listen to others. We use open-source technology. We open our work to audit. We open up our timesheet system to our clients every month.

Open for business.

Delivering Real World Results

Come see the impact when practical strategy, design, and development meet.

Autoglass UK

Autoglass is the UK’s leading glass and repair company, serving more than 1 million motorists each year, 24/7.

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Building a new online data sales platform for the UK automotive industry, giving the customer what they want.

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Royal Marsden

A multi-site, multi language, complex mix of business, editorial and brand requirements, we run a Drupal set up on Amazon Web Services.

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Want grounded ideas that actually get built?