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Our team of developers build powerful web app based applications enabling your business to maximise its digital revenue.

Complex Web Applications

A web application is client–server software application that is hosted in a web browser. It can be an internal application used only within the company or an online system available to clients. In many ways, web applications look and feel like native applications but are not implemented as such. At Net Efficiency we pride ourselves on creating complex web applications, simply. Whether you are looking to expose a goldmine of data to your customers through a secure API or to build a practical booking application, we have the experience to create the enterprise web apps your customers crave.

Interface and Structure

The complexity of these web applications have advanced with the adoption of the internet standard HTLM5, pushing the boundaries of what was possible; from seamless integration with your mobile device’s camera , offline capabilities, video streaming to advanced animation and audio visual integration. With many more opportunities on the horizon, the possibilities for your web app are endless.
In addition to HTML5, our team has all the skills required to deliver your business sytem: we have strong expertise in ASP.NET for website delivery, in SQL to manage the database and in JavaScript and AngularJS to deliver the interactivity required by website users.

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